Games & New Media

Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma
Games Development & New Media

If you’re a gamer then you’re probably aware of titles such as Grand Theft Auto, DJ Hero, Kinect Sports, Formula 1 and Lego Star Wars. But did you know that all of those games were made in the UK? And most of them were made in or around Birmingham?

With 70% of the UK population owning a smartphone and over 50% using a tablet computer in 2013, there’s a good chance you have experienced interactive and new media. Have you ever wondered how this media is developed? Are you interested in a role in the interactive media industry?

How is the course structured?
The BTEC Extended Diploma in Games Development and New Media is a two year full time course designed to introduce you to the many different creative skills required in the production of computer games and interactive media. Designed primarily for those with an aptitude in art or graphics, and computing, students will be taken through nineteen different units in order to learn about one of the fastest growing creative industries in the UK.  Taught by industry experienced staff, and using industry standard hardware and software, you will develop skills in digital graphics, 3D modelling, 3D animation, game and level design, story-writing, sound production and interface design. Accompanying this will also be a programme of complementary studies where you will learn more about the Computer Games and Interactive Media industries, employment opportunities and routes into your first job, and help develop vital ‘soft’ skills such as communication, presentation and organisation. 

Sample units include:
            - Research Techniques for the Creative Media Industries
            - Computer Game Platforms and Technologies
            - Games Engines
            - Digital Graphics for Interactive Media
            - Game Design
            - Concept Art for Computer Games
            - 3D Modelling
            - 3D Animation
            - Sound for Interactive Media
            - Story Development for Computer Games
            - Designing Tests for Computer Games

How will I study?
Units will be delivered through a variety of projects which will allow you to develop skills and then use them to produce creative outcomes both individually and as part of a team. In all instances, tasks are designed to be vocationally relevant, and to replicate industry scenarios and practices. You will be expected to demonstrate a professional attitude toward your studies and your work both inside and outside the academy, in order to prepare yourself fully for a career in industry.
Typically students interested in this course will have a passion for games and interactive media. However, you won’t just be an avid games player; you’ll be fascinated by the design, artistic style, stories, character development, and history of games and interactive media, and have a desire to learn more about the workings of this exciting creative media industry.
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