Pupil Premium Statement
Pupil Premium Statement 2016/17
At BOA, we aim to develop all students academically, morally and socially. Furthermore, we believe these qualities, coupled with relevant academic and vocational qualifications, prepare our students to go onto further and higher education and into the world of work. To help secure these aims for our most vulnerable students, Pupil Premium funding is given out to all academies and schools
Pupil Premium at BOA
For 2013/14 BOA received £28,000 for pupil premium students.
For 2014/15, BOA received £54,074 for pupil premium students.
For 2015/16, BOA received £47714 for pupil premium students
For 2016/17, BOA receives £46445 for pupil premium students
We aim to:
• raise the attainment of those entitled to pupil premium funding
• to reduce the gap in achievement between pupil premium students and non-pupil premium students within BOA
• to ensure that the achievement of pupil premium students is greater when compared to national levels
• to provide additional staffing in English and maths
• to provide additional resources, if necessary, for those entitled to the funding, to support progress.
Results for Pupil Premium Students
% Students with 5+ A*-C inc English and Maths
% A*-C in English
% A*-C in Maths
In 2016, the Progress 8 score for Pupil Premium students was +0.16 compared to +0.08 for none disadvantaged students.
Impact of Spending
Displayed above are the pupil premium results for BOA. The impact of the spending demonstrates that pupil premium students at BOA are achieving at either an equivalent level or greater when compared to pupil premium students nationally. It also demonstrates that Pupil Premium students made more progress than other students at BOA.
Expenditure 2015/16
BOA employed two teaching assistants who were responsible for assisting the English and Mathematics departments with support for students who were underachieving.
BOA employs extra teaching staff in English, Maths and Science. Any teacher with surplus contact time was timetabled as an assistant in lessons in these subjects, supporting Pupil Premium students.
BOA employs an Attendance Officer to support and promote high levels of attendance for identified students.
BOA employs an in school counsellor to help students overcome barriers which may impact on their motivation and learning.
The Special Educational Needs Coordinator ensures that students who have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities are adequately supported and challenged in their academic progress.
Heads of House monitor/work with the most vulnerable students to support them pastorally and track/coordinate interventions related to academic progress.
Members of the Senior Leadership Team responsible for the PPG organise and present student level data to ensure eligible students are subsumed within the school’s academic tracking and monitoring procedures ensuring additional focus and intervention where necessary.
Pupil Premium students received financial support with enrichment activities designed to complement their Arts curriculum, for example for piano lessons.
Expenditure 2016/17
The allocation for this academic year will be applied as it was in the previous academic year with the further addition of support for enrichment and extension activities.
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